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Operating Procedures

Section I. Leadership

A.  Positions

Elected Board members may consist of President, Vice President, Advisor, Treasurer, Secretary, Field Trip Liaison, and Secondary Sponsor. The Board members will meet three times per year and will make every effort to attend monthly Moms’ meetings.

Appointed officers may include, but not be limited to, Hospitality Committee, Community Care Committee, and Yearbook Advisor.

Serving HOPE should never become a burden to Board members. Therefore, the Board requests that anyone interested in serving on the HOPE Board have the full support and blessing of her spouse.

B.  Duties of the Board Members:


  • Seek God’s direction in prayer for HOPE and its families.
  • Lead monthly Moms’ Meetings.
  • Communicate well with host church staff before each new year, scheduling orientation meetings, Moms’ Meetings, filling out any paperwork, negotiating any set up specifics, and payment/rent.
  • Be familiar with Florida homeschool law and be prepared to interpret it for those desiring help. Also be ready to give names, addresses and phone numbers for county personnel handling homeschool records. Have a list of contact numbers for other support groups in the area, as well as FPEA contact information.
  • Set date/location and oversee Board summer retreat and fall and spring Board meetings.
  • Be prepared to prayerfully confront problems that arise within the group in a Biblical way, using help as needed from the Board.
  • Ultimately, be responsible for the decisions that the Board makes as a group.
  • Emcee official HOPE events or appoint an emcee.
  • Oversee HOPE’s compliance to the host church’s insurance requirements – see that waivers are signed and submitted to the host church staff.
  • Upload meeting notes and PowerPoints.
  • Add/delete files or folders on HOPE website.
  • Communicate the proper and improper uses of forum and address abuses.

Vice President:

  • Seek God’s direction for HOPE and its families.
  • Buy door prize and determine how it is to be awarded.
  • Assist the President in the leadership of the group and act as a member of the Board of Directors of HOPE.
  • Lead the meetings when the President is unable to perform the duty.
  • Be familiar with homeschool law and be prepared to interpret it for those desiring help.
  • Be available to assist the President with various tasks when needed.
  • Help the President oversee the programs and policies of the group.
  • Oversee the integration of new homeschooling families to HOPE.
  • Place pertinent information on the website.


  • Fields calls from prospective homeschoolers and those seeking a support group. Be sure to keep on hand copies of pertinent information to email or mail out as requested.
  • Advise all members of the Board on an as-needed basis.
  • Place pertinent information on the website.


  • Receive and record membership dues.
  • Deposit collected monies into the HOPE bank account.
  • Distribute checks for approved expenses.
  • Balance HOPE accounts monthly.
  • Park all non-renewed members from the website each new year
  • Provide income and expense reports to the Board three times per year.
  • With the assistance of the members of the Board, establish a budget for each year. This budget will represent how the money taken in through dues will be dispersed to meet the needs of HOPE during a given school year.
  • Help resolve any problems members may have using the website.
  • Place pertinent information on the website.


  • Keep and maintain minutes of all Board meetings and Moms’ Meetings.
  • Keep copies of meeting agendas, notes from the Director to the Board members, and any other pertinent information that might be helpful in the future.
  • Provide name tags at each Moms’ Meeting and greet incoming members and guests.
  • Assemble and distribute new member packets.
  • Post businesses to advertise on website.
  • Place pertinent information on the website.

Field Trip Liaison:

  • Oversee the schedule, flow, and variety of field trips making sure that one or more field trips are planned each month. The Liaison will not be expected to plan the trips herself, but to encourage the members to schedule field trips. All field trips should be cleared through the Liaison, however, to ensure that there is no unnecessary overlap, etc.
  • Place pertinent information on the website including all field trip information.
  • Organize a few field trips at the very beginning of the school year.
  • Make field trip folders.
  • Respond to all emails and calls regarding trips.
  • Have field trip folders, pens, and envelopes available at Moms’ Meetings.
  • Make announcements about field trips at the Moms’ Meetings, when necessary.

Secondary Coordinator:

  • Pray for families with secondary students; help families build confidence in their abilities to teach secondary students; and help families with younger students realize it is possible to educate older students at home.
  • Respond to inquiries via phone or email regarding meetings, high school, college, or general counsel.
  • Follow up with first-time visitors attending Future HOPE.
  • Plan dates of meetings and secure locations.
  • Place pertinent information on the website.
  • Plan annual Future HOPE Seminar and any informal Q&A meetings.
  • Encourage interested parents of secondary students to plan field trips for older students.
  • Assist Future HOPE Sponsors, if necessary.

Future Hope Sponsors (2):

  • Regularly pray for the secondary students and their families.
  • Oversee monthly meetings and activities of Future HOPE.
  • Plan the monthly meeting agenda.
  • Work with the Secondary Coordinator on any other activities, field trips, etc., involving secondary students and/or their parents.

C.  Installation of Board Members

Those interested in serving on the HOPE Board should be members in good standing for at least one year and or be approved by current board with character reference also be willing to be a servant leader. As Board positions become available, interested members should speak to a Board member, letting them know of their desire to serve. When all qualified members interested in serving have been considered by the Board, they will be presented to the membership at the May Moms’ Meeting for a vote of affirmation.

Section II. Activities

A. Moms’ Meetings

Moms will meet the second Tuesday of each month, August through May, for a time of sharing and encouragement. Included will be refreshments, prayer, a devotional, brief business (if absolutely necessary), resources for sale, and an occasional guest speaker.

B. Park Days

Themed park days are scheduled throughout year, and regular park days as planned by members.

C. Field Trips

Group attendance at museums, factories, historic sites, places of business, and other places of interest will be organized by the membership monthly. Members interested in organizing their favorite trip should contact the Field Trip Liaison prior to publishing or announcing an event in order to schedule it. Details on field trip preparation and behavior are outlined in HOPE’s Field Trip Policies and Guidelines. Events should be planned to accommodate families with children of all ages, unless restrictions apply.

D. Celebrate 

This annual event is a time to recognize students Kindergarten through 11th grade for the work they have accomplished throughout the school year. This event is arranged by a committee of HOPE volunteers.

E. Graduation

  Graduation is for our graduating seniors to recognize them and all they have accomplished throughout their schooling journey. This event is organized by the board members as well as the seniors and their families. 

F. Special Events

Special events for the entire group are organized by interested members. Some past events have included Educational Fair, Family Night, Science Fair, Themed Park Days and Christmas Tea. Events may be planned and organized at any time and as HOPE funds allow.

G. Future HOPE Seminar

This is an annual meeting specifically for encouraging and equipping those who are homeschooling middle and high school students. In these meetings, high school credits, transcripts, community service opportunities, etc., are discussed.

Amended July 26, 2018